App Review: Chipper Cash Is A Mobile Money App

Logo of Chipper Cash App

Currently, mobile money is great. You can send to all networks, and because of Coronavirus, transactions under GHC100 are free. So why the need for a Cash App? Find out what benefits you get from Chipper Cash below.

Easy Loading And Unloading Of Wallet

You can send money from your mobile money wallet to the app with the click of a button and one prompt. And vice versa, you can easily send money from the app to your mobile money wallet.

Cash Requests

The app is also great because you can make cash requests from other users. So, it’s a pretty cool way to bill your significant other. They’ll get a notification and they can send you money in two clicks.

International Money Transfers

Currently, the only countries supported are Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, Uganda, Rwanda and Tanzania. You can just find a person’s username and start sending money back and forth in the app.


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