5 Bridesmaids You’ll Find At A Ghanaian Wedding

Image source: @focusnblur on IG

Being a part of a bridal party can be fun! You get to engage in all sorts of pre-wedding activities and be a part of the bride’s journey to being a wife.

No matter the type of wedding you find yourself at, you’ll realise that there are different types of bridesmaids there and they have a whole range of personalities.

Here are 5 types of bridesmaids you would find at every wedding.

  1. The late bridesmaid
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She’s always late to rehearsals, bridal shower or even the ceremony itself. These ones can give the bride a heart attack if she’s given a role to play because you cannot rely on her to come early and get things done. If the ceremony is starting at 9am, please tell her it’s starting at 7am to save yourself from stress.

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