Proof That Only The Finest Girls Are Kidi’s Fans

Girls love a fine boy and if they find one that has a nice voice… you have definitely killed them.

Ladies love a good looking guy with a sweet voice and that’s why they make up 98% of every talented fine young man’s fans.

Take a look at Kidi.

Kidi has been breaking hearts his whole life we are sure because who isn’t ready to kill for that?

image via Instagram

He’s got so much swag too and we know the ladies can’t help it! It took awhile but we recently noticed that all the fire girls really dey Kidi’s side and can we blame them?


Just take a look! The enjoyment track was really made for them because just… Look!

Even Kidi himself shock sometimes…

Seriously, where do all these nice girls come from?

How does he not fall in love multiple times a month?

Hats off to the ladies man… giving tunes and serving looks…

This is probably why he calls himself Sugar Daddy… he’s got all the sugar!


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