GH Men Share In Funny Face’s Pain Over His Heartbreak

Funny Face has been all over social media these past few weeks. First he was busy fighting and accusing Lilwin, Kalybos and Bismark The Joke of trying to sabotage his comedic career and now there’s a twist. He’s revealed his wife has left their home with his kids.

He accused her of selling him out to bloggers and blames Lil Win for convincing her to do so.

via Instagram

Ghanaian men are obviously sharing in his pain because this isn’t the first time he’s gone through a heartbreak. He had to divorce his first wife after accusing her of cheating and it was just this year that he publicly forgave her for all the pain.

Funny Face is hurt and angry and Gh men are standing by him… sharing in his pain and of course trolling while they’re at it.

But some think he just might be his own problem:

Whatever the case is, we hope it’s resolved soon Cos heartbreak is not a pleasant thing right?

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