Funny Face Accuses Lil Win Of ‘Tricking’ His Wife To Escape With His Twins

Funny Face with one of his daughters (image: Funny Face/Twitter)

Funny Face has accused Lil Win of ‘tricking’ his wife to escape their home with his twins.

Funny Face has been in the news in recent days, engaging in social media fights and accusing Lil Win, Kalybos and Bismark the Joke of trying to end his career in comedy.

He has now come up with another revelation that he wife has left their home with his twins, and he claims Lil Win orchestrated this move by his wife.

According to an Instagram post, Funny Face says Lil Win was able to trick his wife to run away with his kids because “the mother of my children is not emotional strong” and in effect, he is “going full attaaaaaack on LIL WIN”

He also asked his wife to bring his kids back because “she can’t take care of them”, adding that his mother and sister are there to take care of them.

Below is a screenshot of his post on Instagram:

A screenshot from Funny Face’s Instagram page

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