Twitter Drags Juliet Ibrahim For Calling Africans Beggars


Please, if you’re reading this and you’re near Juliet Ibrahim, please take her phone away from her and under no circumstances should you allow her to open that dreadful app called Twitter.

She is being dragged on Twitter after her unfortunate comments about Africa on Tory Lanez’s Instagram live.

Juliet Ibrahim was one of the many fans around the world who joined Canadian rapper, Tory Lanez’s Quarantine Radio live session on Instagram after he was reinstated.

Tory’s Instagram account was earlier suspended from using the Quarantine Radio feature suspended by Instagram because of the consistent nudity that would pop up during his sessions.

However, in his first comeback session, it was Juliet Ibrahim who has managed to grab headlines… At least on Ghana and Nigerian Twitter.

Juliet Ibrahim is being dragged on Twitter because she said Africans were in need of milk in the comments session of Tory’s live session.

Then she also said if the live session was Africa, she would be seeing account numbers all over the comments section.

That was just before she also promoted her own eyelashes brand in that same comments section.

These did not help her case and now she has become a punching bag on Twitter.

Twitter folks have no chill.


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