Some Of The Greatest Azonto Songs Of All Time

Sarkodie and Sister Deborah (image via Youtube)

The azonto music era was an unforgettable one.

It was definitely one of the most impactful music generated out of Ghana because it came with a dance and it got to a point where every young, old person in GH and beyond was trying to learn the azonto dance!

Azonto music was a jam and was the highlight of most of our High School and Uni years!

Take a look at our top 6 (They are definitely your top 6 too!) and be prepared to be hit with nostalgia!

You Go Kill Me

Shoutout to Nshonamusick for producing this jam which played a big role in popularizing azonto music. You Go Kill Me was one of Sarkodie’s many jams and it featured EL and can we just say that his style of rapping at that time is definitely one of the reasons why he is a huge star now!

Obuu Mo – E.L

E.L owned the azonto music period. He understood what it was and he excelled at it! Obuumor is just one of his many azonto songs that had us busting the azonto dance ANYWHERE we found ourselves!

Azonto Fiesta – Sarkodie

If you have never seen Sarkodie dance, you should watch this video because the man gave us some azonto moves we cannot forget lol. He featured Kesse and Appietus on this and we all know the lyrics right? right???

Abodatoi – Gasmilla

Gasmilla is King of Azonto. Never forget that. He did so well with the genre and he’s still doing amazing, giving us azonto jams till date! A consistent King! His music is timeless and always a jam!

Shashee wowo – Stay Jay

Stay Jay…another azonto music hitmaker. Did any song not hit? Because Shashee wowo and many others were a part of our azonto music highlights! Shashee wowo was a jam and we had fun making up azonto dances to fit its message.

Aluguitugui – Keche

The song that had everyone saying “Life is tasty! Like alugutugui!” The song was a little bit silly but hey, it got our azonto juices flowing and was also a very popular song. It was an essential at every party and we have to say this: Keche undoubtedly blessed us with this song.

Dangerous – Sarkodie

We cannot end this without bringing in Sarkodie because the man held azonto in his hands. He and E.L used to come up with gems all the time and this song…the song was definitely everyone’s favourite! Most of us still know the song word for word and… how many of us miss this version of Sarkodie??

Cos we do!!!

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