KNUST: Three Prison Style Exercises For This Quarantine Period


Making the most out of this quarantine seems a bit hard because it looks like all you can do is scroll through Facebook, watch movies on Netflix, read WhatsApp messages, go on Instagram etc.

But hey, what if I told you that you can shed some extra pounds and probably build your body and also look like the Gym freaks at school during this quarantine szn?

Yes, you can chale with these few exercises that build muscle and trim fat at various portions of the body, and the gym guys too can also jump on this train and maintain their Superman bods as well. Let’s dive right into it and see.

First on the list is Planking. I know most of us dread this exercise cos chale, it seems tough as hell and the pain kraa is unbearable but you should know the results are worth it. This exercise strengthens your core (I.e. the midsection of your body, where the abs/packs are nu) which in turn builds your muscles around there. Planking is actually a bit difficult but for beginners is better to start on your knees with your arms balancing your body and aim to do about 30s for the start and gradually you increase your time. When you master that then you can get in the plank posture we all know.

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Next is Squats. This is the most common exercise there is and psst… it’s not for ladies only lol, you wonder why some guys have a nice looking firm butt? Yeah, they squat, it builds the glutes and strengthens your thighs and legs and boosts joint health. Again don’t rush the exercise, start slow if you think you are not that fit and gradually build your endurance. For a more advanced form, you can try a pistol squat, here you go into a squat position with one leg stretched out whiles you balance on your other leg. Again it is an advanced form so don’t go trying it if you no get capa.

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Now let’s take it up a notch, the next exercise is the most difficult on this list and is only for the fit it is called the mountain climber. With this is exercise you go into the athletes pose before they run, you then start moving your legs towards your chest one after the after as if you are climbing up a mountain. This exercise is good for your heart, strengthens your upper and lower back, strengthens your arms and is also a good way to shed some fat.

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The objective of this list is to help with you keeping fit and staying healthy but a word of caution, don’t attempt any of these exercises if you think you have any underlying health issues and also don’t push yourself too hard, start slowly and gradually increase the intensity and also drink lots of water to keep your body refreshed.


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