Government To Pay Three Months Electricity Bill For Ghanaians

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President Akufo Addo has confirmed that the government will pay the electricity bills for the poor in the country.

In an address to the country, he said the government would pay the electricity bills for three months – which are April, May and June.

He said the electricity bill “for the poorest of the poorest” will be free. These are people the government estimates consume electricity between 0-50 kilowatt-hour a month.

The bills for these people would be free.

He also added that all other residential or commercial customers would also be assured 50% off their electricity bills for the same period.

He said the 50% would be calculated using the March 2020 bill as the benchmark.

“This is being done to support industry, enterprise and the service sector in these difficult times and provide some relief to households for lost income,” the President said.

This comes days after he also announced that water would be completely free for all Ghanaians for the next three months starting from April.


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