Communications Authority Asks Ghanaians To Ignore 5G And COVID-19 Conspiracy


The National Communications Authority (NCA) has asked the general public to disregard any reports attributing the emergence of COVID-19 to the 5G technology network.

“The National Communications Authority (NCA) has taken note of recent widespread rumours and misinformation about 5G technology and its alleged link with the COVID-19 virus. The NCA wishes to state categorically that there is absolutely no link between 5G technology and COVID-19. The public is therefore advised to disregard the misleading videos and audios circulating on social media,” the authority has said in a statement.

One of the conspiracy theories of the outbreak of the novel Coronavirus suggests that since 5G suppresses the immune system, it could be blamed for the pandemic.

Others also claim the virus is using the network’s radio waves to communicate and pick victims to quicken its spread.

But these, the NCA says must not be taken seriously because they lack a fundamental scientific basis.

Ghana does not even have 5G technology, yet, it has so far recorded 313 cases of the virus with 6 deaths.

The NCA, however, assured the public that, radiations from mobile base stations in Ghana are safe amidst the Coronavirus fears.

“The general public is assured that all mobile technologies are safe. As part of its regulatory mandate, the NCA in collaboration with the relevant state institutions will continue to measure and check compliance to the safety levels of RF exposure to ensure protection of all users of communication services including 5G (when it becomes available in Ghana) and future advanced technologies. The Authority further assures the public that there is
absolutely no relationship between any mobile technology and COVID-19.”

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source: CNR

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