Bored At Home? Check These YouTube Videos Out


It’s day 5798650321… of quarantine and we have fallen into the routine of waking up late, sleeping, watching movies and just sleeping anyhow and as much as we liked it in the beginning, we are starting to go a liiiittle crazy.

It gets worse when your service provider starts playing with your network and you cannot have access to the outside world even digitally. How did our parents and grandparents do it????

Some of you too were on diet but look at you now. Eating every single time because you’re bored.

Anyways, we’ve got the perfect show for you to watch in these boring times; “The Top 10 Show”!!

It’s a compilation of top 10 everything Ghanaian. From music to fashion to food to everything! Even schools aren’t left out.

Intrigued? Don’t go far. We’ve compiled all of them here for your enjoyment (queue Kidi’s song please).

Check them out.

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