6 Basic Things You Don’t Use Anymore Because Of The Lockdown

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After the President announced that there was going to be a 2-week lockdown, most of us thought “oh that will be easy” but we are barely done with week 2 and everyone is going crazy.

2 weeks of being indoors and just living in bed, here are some things we know you definitely haven’t used in awhile


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Okay ladies, we know you aren’t wearing any bras at home. ‘Free your titties’ season is here whether you like it or not and ermm please…take this moment to wash those bras. It’s been months since you last washed them. please.


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Ladies, take away the one time you pulled out your makeup to do the Don’t Rush Challenge and you’d realize that, it’s been a while since you drew your eyebrows or even used some lipstick. Your foundation must be feeling very useless right now.

Nice clothes

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Let’s not pretend we wake up every day and wear something new. You are at home. In bed. You are definitely wearing the same shada you wore last week Monday when you said “Lockdown Day 1! Let’s do this!”

Your shoes

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Those of you with impressive racks full of heels and sneakers and nicely polished shoes…they’re pretty to look at huh? But look at you now, walking around barefoot or in bathroom slippers.

Shaving sticks

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Who are you shaving for??? Beards are looking like doormats and we know you aren’t shaving your other areas like you used to. You aren’t going anywhere anytime soon so…there’s no point right??


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It’s funny how fuel prices are really low yet you cannot be excited about it because you are stuck at home with nowhere to go. Sometimes sit in the car and pretend you are speeding down the Tema Motorway. At least you can race some imaginary cars in your head and there’d be zero accidents!

Right now, you’ve lost it. You are frustrated, tired and 2 weeks isn’t over yet! You are ready to rip your hair out and pull your eyes out, out of boredom. At this point, you are ready to go out there and find the cure for the coronavirus yourself!

But calm down okay?

You are going to be alright.

Just keep staying indoors and washing your hands and don’t forget your sanitizers.

We will get through this and you’d reunite with all these things again!

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