You Definitely Read One Of These Books As A Kid

Throwback books Ghana
Animorphs and Boxcar children novels

For some of us, growing up, we had such an active reading habit and as you grow up and meet other people from differnet schools, it almost seems like everyone was reading the same kind f books!

These were some of our all time faves and we can bet that you have read them too

Ann M. Martn’s Baby Sitters Club

Kristy's Great Idea (The Baby-Sitters Club #1) (Baby-sitters Club ...
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The Baby Sitters Club book series was every girls’ favourite book to read. They had a little sister version where the stories were focused on Karen and her brother Andrew and then te big sister series which focused on the real memeber of the baby sitters’ club. Mallory, Kristen, Claudia…those are the only names we can remember.)

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