These Reactions Prove The Savage Remix Is Going To Be An Anthem

beyonce megan Savage remix
Beyonce and Meg Thee Stallion Savage remix

When Beyonce breathes, the world stops and this isn’t even because we are her fans cos cmon…Beyonce!!!

Anyway, Beyonce, our Queen paired up with our young Queen, Meg Thee Stallion to give us a superb remix to the already viral song, Savage.

Just when everyone was getting tired of all the TikTok challenges where everyone was busy dancing to “I’m a savage, classy, boujee, ratchet…” it looks like it’s about to get worse because Beyonce hopped on the song and made it extra better!

She gave the ladies a lot of ‘quotables’ for their next 100 IG posts and bless her soul because TikTok is definitely about to shut down with a remixed version of the Savage Challenge!

And the Queen talking about starting an Only Fans account…ei be like the financial problems from COVID-19 is affecting EVERYONE lol

Beyonce really woke everyone up!

Meg Thee Stallion’s reaction on her IG live is our same reaction

Ladies, shall we get in formation???


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