The University Of Ghana Will Make You Cry… On Stage

Photo from Waiting for John, A Play In The University of Ghana

We talk to Conrad Yemoh, an actor with the Roverman Productions troupe. He tells us what it took to accomplish his dream of performing under the direction of Uncle Ebo Whyte. And you can read that story here. Before that, however, he performed in some plays at the University of Ghana. One of those plays was titled ‘Waiting for John’. In this play, Conrad would have to cry in front of a live audience, with his girlfriend seated in one of the rows, watching.

Why He Had To Cry

Waiting for John was a two-person play that would be graded as the end of year play for level 300 students. The play was the project of Conrad’s friend who asked him to help. Basically, Conrad was partly responsible for his friend’s marks. And it would not be an easy project.

Waiting for John was a play about a couple who lost their son John. The two-person play had only the husband and wife characters. The finale was supposed to have an emotional performance from the husband which would end the play.


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