5 Signs That You’re In A Serious Ghanaian Relationship

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Sometimes you don’t really know whether your partner is in for the long haul or not and it can be very annoying especially when you’re putting your everything in the relationship.

Ghanaian relationships sort of have a formula they follow and once you’ve checked more than half of our list, you know the relationship is really serious.

These are some of the characteristics of a Ghanaian relationship.

  1. Their family members know you
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If you’ve already been accepted into the family and they treat you like one of theirs then you’re probably already married in their eyes. We aren’t talking about just their siblings knowing about you but even your partner’s parents. Ghanaian parents are pretty blunt. If they don’t like your vibe they’ll tell your partner and show it to you by ignoring you. If they engage you in everything they do, you have their blessing.

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