This Song Made It Hard To Call “Anloga Junction” Perfect

Cover art for Stonebwoy's album

Stonebwoy dropped his album and all we have seen are praises from fans, fellow artistes and more. The second the album dropped, it’s been breaking records and topping charts and we are proud of Stonebwoy.

Stonebwoy has been known to be a lyrical god ever since he started blessing us with his music. He definitely debunks the notion that Ghanaians just want a good beat and a few words thrown around to enjoy your music and…it must really feel good that people enjoy your music for its beauty and nothing else.

Anloga Junction is an almost perfect project. We wanted to rank the songs but we realized each one was too good to be placed above another…well, all except one.

Nkuto ft Kojo Antwi.

This has got nothing to do with “hating” but Nkuto just wasn’t it for us.

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Highlife legend, Kojo Antwi

Every song has it’s special feel to it and we were super psyched to hear Stonebwoy do his fusion with Kojo Antwi but we were disappointed! it’s been days but we still cringe any time we hear this particular song and it disrupts the “feel-good flow” we get from the album.

We know Kojo Antwi has a voice that drips with honey…effortlessly… but this time, it seemed a little bit forced (just a teeny little bit).

Maybe we are thinking this way because the two were not able to sync properly on the song and that’s okay. Not every artiste has the kind of chemistry Kojo Antwi and King Promise produced on Bra. Maybe Stonebwoy and Kojo Antwi should work on another song together but this one… Nkuto… it just wasn’t it.

Stonebwoy Anloga Junction
Stonebwoy//image via Instagram

For an exceptional album with every song standing out, this was the most basic one and if we could change anything on it, we will snip out Kojo Antwi’s intro into his verse and maybe his whole verse.

No disrespect to the legend and the budding legend but Nkuto was definitely the only ‘bad’ song on the album.

Everything else was lit tho and our first favourite was Le Gba Gbe. It’so authentic and almost spiritual! Every other feature was solid…the genre fusion was really dope and we were lightly worried about what a Nasty C and Stonebwoy track will sound like but…it was great and we loved it!

Get the album on all streaming platforms and keep streaming!!! For us, maybe with time, Nkuto will grow on us and we will regret writing this.

Listen to it here:


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