Mr Drew & Krymi’s Remix To “Dw3” Is Incredibly Good

Dw3 remix

Sometimes, remixes spoil a song’s first impact and other times, the remix ends up being better than the first song.

Mr Drew dropped the remix to his viral song with Krymi, Dw3, days ago and ermm, since we just found out, we need to put you all on it…ASAP!

We never for a second thought this song will need a remix but whoever thought it was a great idea, we cannot thank you enough.

Just look at the remix lineup: Quamina MP, Kofi Mole, Fameye, Dope Nation and Bosom PYung

Dw3 appealed to most people the first time they heard it because of the highlife feel to it and maybe because Sarkodie was on it lol but nothing excites Ghanaians more than a touch of nostalgia that says “We are still in touch with our roots!!”

The Dw3 remix is seriously good and the video that came with it just added more value to the song. All the artistes, in keeping up with social distancing, recorded themselves performing to the song from home and the energy… the energy is what makes this worth listening to.

Fameye’s smooth glide into the song was dope and Dope Nation was, in their own words…full of “too much sauce” but big shadout to Kaywa who produced the beat because the transition from their verse to Quamina MP’s verse had us hyped! We were slightly worried about Bosom’s verse but he killed it and his intro…that intro was everything because the beat slowed down, turned into trap for a while and we could barely tell when it segued back into the original afrobeats/highlife.

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One day we’d talk about how quirky Kofi Mole is and how his verses crack us up but for now…watch the video and tell us this isn’t going to go down as one of the best GH remixes to a song!

PS: the lack of unity we cry about in the music industry…it looks like these young ones are the ones going to show us the way.

We love it!


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