Hanson Akatti: This Talented Artist Is Also Graphic Designer For The Stars

Photo Of Hanson Akatti

Hanson Akatti’s name is definitely up there with the names of the best Ghanaian artists. He grew up admiring another Ghanaian artist, Bushke. However, Akatti’s style is defined by the fact that as an artist, he tries to represent our ‘urbanness’ in his work. His art, however, is not the focus of this article. We explore instead, how Hanson has made a career for himself as an artist and graphic designer without any formal education in either of those fields.

He Taught Himself Through His First Graphic Design Job

Art By Hanson Akatti

Although Hanson Akatti has always been good at drawing, he had no graphic design experience until his first job as a designer. He got his first graphic design job after his national service, through the recommendation of a friend. After being recommended for the job, of course, he had to acquire the design skills. Hanson learned what he needed to through books, the internet in general, and YouTube videos.

After that, Akatti worked for some time in the music industry as a graphic designer. In fact, he has previously worked for BBNZ. He has also designed album covers for the likes of Kubolor and Mensah, Efya, and Juls among others.

Somewhere in 2012, Hanson Akatti decided to go freelance.


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