Cina Soul And King Promise’ “Ojorley” Remix Is Everything You Need Today

cina soul
cina soul

This is it guys… Cina Soul’s ‘Ojorley’ was already a banger.

The song hits you with all sorts of amazing.

When you add your understanding of the Ga language and the message of the song – then you’d know you’re listening to a classic.

So you’d forgive us when we were a bit skeptical about a remix of the song with King Promise.

Don’t get us wrong – we love King Promise – but master pieces shouldn’t be messed with.

However, after listening to the Cina Soul ‘Ojorley’ remix with King Promise today, we were immediately sold.

They didn’t mess with the rhythm, but King Promise brought his amazing voice and took the orginal song to another level of awesome.

Listen to the song below:

We need more Cina Soul and King Promise songs..


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