7 Things That Happen When You Block Someone On WhatsApp

Photo by Anton from Pexels

So, it’s Wednesday afternoon, and I figure why not just block my sister on WhatsApp? You know, for the fun of it. I’ve never blocked anyone, and I wanted to know what exactly would happen. So these are 7 things that happen when you block someone on WhatsApp.

Group Chats Will Not Be Affected

Okay, so first of all, if you are in a group with a blocked contact, it’s business as usual. You can both still see messages that the other person has sent into the group. Nothing changes.

There’s Only One Tick When They Send A Message

You can’t send messages to a blocked contact at all, but they can still send messages to you. When they send a message however, it doesn’t deliver. There is only one tick.

Calls Go Through, But Calls Don’t Come Through

When you’ve blocked someone, they can still call you. When they call, they are going to hear it ring like normal. However, on your end, no call is going to come through. You won’t hear a beep.


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