You Can Still Break Into The Career You Want If You Are Self-Taught

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

A lot of us don’t know what we want to do by the time we’re going to university. As a result, we let our parents pick our courses, or we choose what we think looks best on paper. What you need to understand is that what you choose to study in school doesn’t need to define you. Here are some working Ghanaian professionals who don’t have an educational background in their field of work. Instead, they learnt the skills they needed through ingenuity and determination.

Henry Akrong – Director / Videographer

Henry Akrong is young director and videographer in the film industry. His studies in school have nothing to do with his current field. Instead, what started out as a hobby of home videos turned into something that he took seriously and developed into a career. He recently shot RJZ’s For Life music video. You can read about his journey to become a director here.

Jonathan Agyei-Peprah – Graphic Designer

Jonathan did not study Graphic Design in school. Instead, he learnt from his roommate and through internships. Eventually, he would quit his job to become a freelance Graphic Designer. You can read about what it took to quit his 9 to 5, and follow his dream here.


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