Twitter Naija’s Hilarious Reaction To Buhari’s Curfew Order

Nigeria's president is easing lockdown measures


No matter how many times we have Twitter Wars over who has the best tasting jollof, Nigerians are just like Ghanaians when it comes to turning the most serious things into jokes.

Yesterday, their president, Buhari addressed the Naija nation and basically said the lockdown they are currently under will be eased after 4th May to allow people go about their business because well…the economy and…people need to make money right?

Nigeria has 1337 cases, 255 have recovered, and they have recorded 40 deaths.

Nigerians aren’t happy about this and…

There’s also going to be a curfew, implemented after 4th May. No Nigerian is to be spotted outside after 8pm and people are only allowed to step out after 6am

This final tweet sums it all…


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