Trending Shows/Movies On Netflix You Need To Watch Now

Too Hot To Handle via Netflix

Now, everyone is on Netflix watching one thing or the other and sometimes, by pure coincidence, we all seem to start watching the same things.

Mostly it might be because someone recommended it to you but it doesn’t take too long to see people talking about that movie or show that just started showing on Netflix any time you are on social media. (We actually blame the big advertising board the minute you open Netflix)

Because everyone is talking about it and because we’ve also seen some… here are the top trending shows and movies EVERYONE is watching and you need to watch too!


If you like action movies, this is it for you. There’s a lot of shouting, shooting, fighting, bombs…everything. The storyline is basically this: A former special forces soldier is hired to extract a kidnapped teenage boy who happens to be the son of an Indian drug kingpin. Like we said, if you like an action movie that will just get you excited…watch this.


If you love seeing “good fathers” getting involved in crime, you’d love this. It’s a drama that… (based on some tweets we’ve seen) will have you falling in love with some characters and swearing to slap others too and oh the exciting part about this is, the whole family knows their clean looking father is a money launderer for a drug cartel!

Too Hot To Handle

This should definitely be watched for fun only and oh for the sake of crushes too. A number of beautiful people are put on an island and asked not to have sex for a huge amount of money. Sounds simple right? Lol prepare to get mad as they break the rules becase clearly…they don’t want money!

Miracle In Cell 7

If you want to cry, watch this movie about a mentally ill father and his daughter. If you are already thinking “Awwn” wait till you find out he was wrongly accused of murder too! Everyone’s shed a hard guy/girl tear after watching this and if you think you won’t…we dare you!

What else would you recommend we watch?


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