Pappy Kojo’s Amusing Boredom Journey On Social Media

Pappy Kojo photo via kuulpeeps
Pappy Kojo photo via kuulpeeps

We all know Pappy Kojo is stuck in Italy while they are on lockdown. He cannot leave the country and he cannot come to Ghana even if he could leave because we have closed our borders and aren’t allowing travellers in or out of the country.

He’s distraught… bored and missing GHANA terribly

We know this because his tweets… his social media posts are all over the place and this time they scream “BORED” louder than the first few weeks.

He’s setting alarms to come and shout “Herhh” on Twitter

He’s bored (We already said that…we know)

And he actively takes part in most of the trolling that goes on.

Remember the Asem vs Sarkodie beef?

The man is homesick and all Ghanaians are doing is teasing him!

How are you asking someone who is nowhere near GH if they will come for Charlewote? Oh why are y’all so heartless.

But, jokes aside, it looks like things are much worse than we thought. What at all did Pappy do to this guy??????

Whatever it is, we bet Pappy Kojo is sorry.

The young man just wants to come back to Ghana (Where there’s at least no lockdown) so he can reconnect with friends and just be home.

We feel bad for him but hey, we loooove all the funny things coming out of it and oh…we hope the boredom means he’s putting in extra work for his upcoming music project…Logos II…and staying safe.


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