Gh Men, Don’t Be Shy To Moan. Here’s Why!

why men need to moan

Sex is definitely a natural thing between two people (or more). Anyone who has sex definitely always wants to do it with someone (how often can you even touch yourself?) and one of the joys of ‘doing it’ with someone is because of the satisfaction that you are enjoying.

But you know what’s annoying? According to the ladies???

When men don’t moan during sex.

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For some reason, most guys like to keep things quiet and the most you’d get out of them is just heavy breathing and…it’s weird. It’s like humping a pillow or getting humped by a pillow. Where’s the fun in that? but seriously…where’s the fun in that?

If you think moaning is weak (yes, we asked a couple of you guys) then you need to keep these reasons why you need to moan in mind!

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First of all, the ladies loooove it! Your friends who moan would not mention it but a moaning man unlocks a lot in a woman and you just might never have to ask “did you cum?” ever again because you will know!

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Moaning is kind of like communicating. The girl needs to know you are enjoying whatever it is that is going on and you want more! If you’re silent through it all, how else would she know? But…by all means..seize every opportunity to call GH girls lazy in bed.

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Moaning is great for you because you will end up having the best sex of your life!!! When you moan and it turns your partner on, do you know what is going to happen? Your partner is going to up their game to hear you make more sounds and this means they’re going to give you the very best of what they’ve got and…tadaa…there’s your exciting finishing (don’t hold back the screams)

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Now that you know the three golden reasons why you should moan… test it and see. You don’t have to tell us how it was, just whisper thank you Kuulpeeps.

Watch these young Ghanaians tell us whether they like to moan or not during sex and ermm enjoy the sounds some of them make while they “do it” here:


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