This Button In Microsoft Word Will Make Your CV Better

Photo by Eduardo Rosas from Pexels

At this point, we all understand how important a document a CV is. Your CV represents you during the job application process. What you say in your CV is obviously very important. However, the way that your CV is presented also matters a lot.

When you present an untidy CV, it makes it difficult for a hiring manager to go through it when they have to go through piles of CVs. This is why HR expert David Mills recommends that you use a world-class template, or you hire someone to write your CV. There is nothing wrong with getting professional services for such an important document.

However, if you decide to write your CV yourself, there is a button in Microsoft Word that you should consider using. That button is the Justify button. This button arranges the text in your CV in a way that makes it easier to read.

Your CV arrangement is the first impression that you will make, even before it’s read. Make your CV is tidy and orderly.

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