These 5 Things Should Be On Your “At Home Bucket-list”

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It’s a wonder you lot haven’t lost your minds yet, what with the “stay at home” directive dished out. For the past three weeks, what have you been doing? What have you been up to? Some might have started working from home, while others, like me, have been enduring the hardship that is called e-learning. In between though, you ought to find creative ways to keep yourself busy, and most importantly, to have fun! Now that you’re home, and let’s be honest, not planning to go anywhere – as there actually isn’t any place you can go – why not make the most out of it? This is a magnificent chance to write down and tick off some things in your virtual “at home bucket list”. A couple of those are:


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Read my dears, read. They say reading is the doorway to a good life – or something like that. Pick up a book, any book, and start to absorb its content. Fiction or non-fiction? Romance or gore? Horror or sweet? Mystery? Intrigue? Take your pick. With the likes of Trevor Jackson, Nora Roberts, Stephen King, Sydney Sheldon, Dan Brown, Tessa Bailey and Sophie Kinsella, there are unlimited possibilities.

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