Everything Ghanaians Expected Nana Addo To Say Yesterday

President Nana Akufo Addo

Yesterday, the president addressed the nation again and we could tell that Ghanaians had missed seeing him address us with his famous “Fellow Ghanaians” line.

It’s been exactly a week since the lockdown was lifted despite the fact that the positive cases keep increasing so when it was announced by the ministry of information that the president was going to address the nation, naturally, everyone’s minds began to move…

“What is he going to say?”

Most people thought he was definitely going to say schools will be reopened and students will have to go back to school


National Service Personnel are still home after the NSS Secretariat asked them all to take a mandatory paid leave in March. They haven’t been asked to start work again yet but it looks like they miss their work husbands and wives a lot…

Several others were so sure the lockdown was going to be put in place again


Lots of people expected a lockdown but, according to WHO, Nana Addo cannot make any informed decision until this week ends. Remember COVID-19 symptoms take up to 14 days to show so…when this week ends, we are pretty sure government will take a close look at new cases and if it is obvious that the ease of the lockdown led to more community spread of the virus, we will not be surprised about another lockdown.

Remember to wear your masks, wash your hands and maintain at least a distance of 3 feet between you and the next person!!!

Stay safe and don’t go out unless you really really need to.

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source: kuulpeeps.com

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