The 5 Best Jobs To Ever Exist… In Movies

Photo by Vinícius Vieira ft from Pexels

When your real-life job gets you down it’s always fun to imagine other possibilities. There are some jobs that are so thrilling and so perfect in every way that they’re too good to be true. Sadly, they are exactly that, too good to be true. These are the jobs that we could only wish that we had. Here are some of the best fictional jobs in movies.

Teacher At Hogwarts – Harry Potter Franchise

Can you imagine being a teacher at Hogwarts? Ah imagine that some kiddie dey give you attitude for class. All you have to do is say some magic words and now that stubborn little boy is crying for his mommy. And then, there’s the fact that you would be bringing up the next generation of wizards. Sounds like job satisfaction to me.


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