Sex Only Doesn’t Keep A Man. This Is Why.

cute black couple image via
cute black couple image via

It takes two people (Male and Female) who are have agreed to be with each other to get into a serious relationship. Sex is therefore an activity including specifically sexual intercourse which so many ladies always mistaken it for something else. Sex doesn’t keep a man!

Most ladies get into relationships with their hopes up. Praying and doing their best to keep the relationship going but one thing they always mess up is considering sex as a bigger factor for keeping the man.

In here, I say it is simply wrong! Sex doesn’t hold a man. What holds a man is in the way you treat him. Every man needs a woman, especially in difficult times.

Be a man’s peace. Inner peace does keep him (men go through a lot too, they act strong outside but inside they just want to let it all out).

Don’t become another fight he has to try and win. Get closer to him as much as you can, show him the highest love and respect, appreciate him in any way, support him spiritually, physically, emotionally and if possible financial (NB: if you can).

Ladies, don’t make him feel less of a man, support his dreams and always inspire him to be the best version of himself and care for him.

A real man understands that sex is not everything when it comes to satisfying a lady. I’m talking about mature, healthy man not “man-boys” or “players”, who have a total different agenda altogether.

For such men, sex is all they want and one woman will never satisfy them too. So be vigilant and be careful with whom you fall in love with.

Sex doesn’t keep a man, being pretty doesn’t, having a baby with him doesn’t, being a good woman barely keeps a man.

The only thing that’ll keep a man is a man that wants to be kept. Protect yourself and your dignity, choose wisely, keep your relationship but not with sex.  Sex is not everything.


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