Residents Of Elmina Ignore Govt’s Directives To Mine Sand And Gold

Residents of Elmina mining sand from the beach

Sand and gold mining is good business in the Central Regional town of Elmina.

Residents just have to go to the coast of their beach and there seems to be an abundance of sand ready to be mined.

However, when the government is asking all Ghanaians to observe social distancing, one would assume that it would reduce the amount of sand and gold mining activities in the area.

The reverse has happened instead.

An ongoing sea defense construction project has pushed them to mine the sand from their beach.

According to Richard Kwadwo Nyarko, the residents of Elmina claim “the ongoing construction of the sea defense will make nonsense of the sand, so they’re going ahead of them to take the sand away before the construction company gets to their area.”

This means hundreds have now flooded the beach.

“The beach has been taken over by residents who are mining sand aggressively,” he wrote in a Facebook post.

“While some are scooping the sand and loading them unto trucks, others are also scavenging for gold at the beach. It’s the new craze in town. 
It’s as if the entire community is at the beach,” he added.

“As for what you call social or physical distancing, forget. Coronavirus can wait!” he added.

There is more room for education about coronavirus.


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