David’s Tips: This Is The Formula For Answering Interview Questions

So you need some help nailing your job interviews. Luckily, there is someone who can help with that. Executive Coach, David Mills, has coached people for job interviews with a 100% conversion rate. Everyone that he has ever coached for a job, has gotten the job. This is what he says you need to know about answering interview questions.

Don’t Rubbish The Question

When you are writing exams in school, when you don’t know an answer you fill the space with anything that you can think of. This is a terrible practice in job interviews. Do not gamble with answers.

In order to answer questions properly, you first need to hear those questions. David says that hearing is automatic. We all hear. However, listening is intentional. You have to actively pay attention to what your interviewer is asking you. Interviewers do not appreciate being asked multiple times what they said. However, if you do need them to repeat a question, you can ask politely using language like “please…” or “kindly…” or other polite phrases.


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