EchoHouse Starts Campaign To Encourage The Youth To ‘Stay At Home’

EchoHouse Ghana Limited logo

EchoHouse Ghana Limited, one of Ghana’s leading creative marketing agencies and favourite youth brand has started a campaign to encourage the youth to abide by the safety protocols laid down by the government of Ghana and the World Health Organisation to curb the spread of coronavirus.

Unlike other campaigns that you may have seen already, EchoHouse’s campaign is unique and different, in a sense that it speaks the language of Ghana’s youth, therefore, enabling them to easily understand the message.

The campaign highlights activities that the youth usually engage in during the ‘normal times’ and encourages them that they will definitely have those fun and exciting stuff back, “But before that, let’s stay at home and stop the spread,” is the simple message behind the campaign.

So, guys, stay at home and when all of this is over, you can have and enjoy all the fun things that you are missing now.

Below are creatives with the message of the campaign.

An EchoHouse campaign advising the youth to stay and home to stop the spread of coronavirus

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