VIDEO: How To Make A Face Mask With A T-Shirt Without Cutting It

Ofori's DIY T-shirt Face Mask

The Greater Accra Regional Minister, Ishmael Ashitey has issued a directive that has made the wearing of face masks in public spaces compulsory.

This is part of efforts to curb the spread of coronavirus. Ghana currently has 1,154 confirmed cases with 1,034 active cases. The Greater Accra Region has the most cases.

This new directives means everyone is supposed to have a face mask, if you intend to leave the house.

Commercial drivers have been asked to not allow passengers without face masks onboard their vehicles.

Public spaces have been asked to display ‘no face masks, no entry’ signs.

However, not a lot of people can afford to wear a face marks all the time, even if it is to make a quick dash just outside your house.

That is why Ofori’s DIY face masks is helpful.

He basically converts a t-shirt into a face mask without ruining the t-shirt.

Watch how to do it below:

Please note that this homemade face mask may not always be accepted in some public places…

However, it will do when you need to make a quick dash to your neighborhood grocery store.

Most importantly, stay at home if you don’t have anything urgent to do outside.


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