TTU’s Kwame Lanto Makes A Bold Statement With His Coronavirus Awareness Artwork

Kwame Lanto and his coronavirus art piece
Kwame Lanto and his coronavirus art piece

Azasime Kwame Mawunyo Lanto is a student at Takoradi Technical University offering the Bachelor of Technology programme in Animation.

Describing himself as passionate, God fearing and determined, Lanto as he is commonly referred to, is a young artist. Versatile in pencil, abstract, landscape, portrait drawings and digital paintings, he is a multitalented individual with several approaches to art and his most recent masterpiece is a COVID-19 awareness art piece titled ‘physical distancing’.

Kwame Lanto

Made from raffia mat, discarded eggshells, discarded fabric pieces and paint with adhesives, the piece took a total of 2 weeks to complete, from the thinking process to idea development through to the finish. Assisted by the CEO of Vicky’s Exclusive Clothing, Victoria Mensah and Asomontsi Reubenson in areas of fashion (as fabrics are employed in the piece) and photography respectively, the art piece integrates various applications of techniques and elements to create a message. 

The piece is encompassed of a male figure attempting to hug an infected female who is resisting contact. The skin of the figures have been carefully rendered with broken eggshells on printed Flexi according to tones to create a realistic-looking texture. Fabric pieces are used to illustrate a nose mask for the female figure as well as clothing for both figures. Eggshells and discarded fabrics are glued artistically to illustrate the coronavirus, which is seen around the infected female. 

Kwame Lanto

When asked what inspired the artwork, Lanto explained that inspiration came from the varying responses people were giving concerning the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and prevention measure as well as personal hygiene. With art being a major tool for communication, the artists decided to express his view on the issue, hence the concept. In the brainstorming process, Lanto said that he got a call from am SHS teacher informing him about a callout to creatives by the United Nations (UN) on a COVID-19 awareness artwork project. This he believes gave him even more motive to create this piece.

Art draws attention and aside from its aesthetic purposes, Lanto believes this art piece will communicate and educate people to practice social distancing and the recommended personal hygiene.


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