The True Meaning Behind Sister Deborah’s Kanzo

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Yesterday, on Kuulpeeps Live Jive, an Instagram Live show where your favourite celebs take over the account for a night of live jams, honest conversations, battles and more, Sister Deborah talked about her new EP, The African Mermaid and took us through the creative process for the songs.

Y’all know Sister Derbie has a unique way with words and one particular song stands out because…. what exactly is a song about Kanzo and wele?

The song Kanzo which features Kofi Mole and Lapili who is from Spain is very catchy and fun and no matter how silly you think it is, you will find yourself singing along to it.

It’s one of the biggest songs on the EP and surprisingly it’s also one of the songs that made it to the African Mermaid EP, last minute.

The Kanzo lyrics immediately make you think about sex…honestly!! But, yesterday, Sister Deborah revealed the song is about beauty.

Inner beauty.

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Sister Deborah via Instagram

Kanzo is the burnt part of most rice meals and people swear it’s the tastiest part of the meal (Ps: Angwamo kanzo is the best). According to Sister Deborah, just as you see a beautiful pot of Jollof or rice but you know the kanzo is probably where all the ‘juice’ is at, that’s exactly how it is with humans too.

What you see on the outside might be appealing but the real beauty is underneath the physical exterior you’re seeing.

Talk about a poetic queen!

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Sister Deborah

Even the lyrics, “Will you take a wele? a big wele? will you take a wele? a small wele?” is not as sexual as you thought!

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No, it’s not. It’s not even botos!

It’s about the different forms of beauty (because beauty comes in all shapes and sizes) and what your spec is… a big wele or a small wele?

If you do not believe any of this, you should pay attention to the first verse in the song “The beauty you dey see be the under, the under, the under e dey be”

It’s not sex!

It’s inner beauty!

Watch the Kanzo video here and appreciate all of the beauty displayed.


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