Opinion: The “Revival” Of Azonto In The Year 2020

Jeff and Jumaar
Jeff and Jumaar

Before we talk about azonto, have you heard about the famous triple ‘A’ dance ? No?

That’s because it was made up not long ago. Azonto submerged as part of the famous Triple-A dance and if you still wondering the triple-A consist of Azonto, Amanda and Awuche( this is where you get hit with the wooo). Azonto is a communicative dance that originated from Ghana in 2012.

Sarkodie released a song with the “ka bu ame” hitmaker El(rapper) titled “You go kill me” then boom Azonto started getting numbers.

It was popularised on social media by the music videos that portrayed the dance from homemade videos uploaded on YouTube with no commercial intent and choreography done by mostly Ghanaians and some African nationals living in the UK, Germany, Spain, Canada, US etc

Some relevant people like Ghanaian footballer Asamoah Gyan and Togolese football star Emmanuel Adebayor and James Anaman performed the dance as part of their goal celebrations, and John Carew uploaded a video of himself and his son dancing to Fuse ODG’s “Antenna”.

This inspiration had a massive impact on the youth but went outmoded as the year passed by. Popular music researcher Jesse Weaver Shipley claims that like hiplife, the popularity of Azonto is a direct result of its interactions in the diaspora. Another thing that made Azonto hit the streets hard was how easy it was to learn and dance.

As said before it communicates, you can just add your own moves and propose to a girl. It will end in tears but you have proposed anyway

Jeff founder of Nonstop Dance Academy

The out of style azonto dance got to the notice of two great dancers in the country that is Jeff Washington and Jumaar_(Founder of Nonstop dance Academy) popularly know by their Instagram followers. They decided to revive the Azonto dance one more time and named their project #Azonto2020 and some people joined them and others also discourage them.

Jumaar founder of nonstop dance academy

Gratefully the journey of Azonto hasn’t ended because Sarkodie just blew in a new wave with the single #FaHookiMe. Let’s see what the passing of time would do to the dance and what this new era of revival will come with.

Source: Kuulpeeps.com

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