Kelvynboy To Release “Momo” Same Day Stonebwoy Released “Anloga Junction”

Stonebwoy and Kelvynboy

The once upon a time protege of Stonebwoy, Kelvynboy is set to release a new song on the same day Stonebwoy released his much anticipated “Anloga Junction” album.

The two musicians who had a mentor and mentee relationship fell out last year.

Stonebwoy was the mentor and Kelvynboy was the wide eyed new kid on the block.

Kelvynboy ended up leaving Stonebwoy’s record label after Stonebwoy accused him of being ungrateful and disrespectful.

Now, on a day that Stonebwoy is releasing his biggest project yet, Kelvynboy is also releasing a new song and a music video called “Momo”.

To put things in perspective – Stonebwoy is releasing a 15-track 51 minutes playtime album while Kelvynboy is releasing a single.

However, the timing of the release is suspicious even though it is far from a declaration of war.


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