EC Boss, Papulius Speaks On Suspended UPSA SRC Elections

Appoh Papulius UPSA EC
Appoh Papulius UPSA EC

The Electoral Commission of the Students’ Representative Council (SRC) at the University of Professional Studies, Accra says it is currently working out some modalities for organising both the SRC and departmental elections.
EC boss, Appoh Papulius disclosed on Wednesday that until the Commission is done with its “underground works” the elections are on hold.
“For now, I’m still doing my underground works and until we are ready that’s when we will come out to speak to the public,” he told the reporter during a telephone interview.

Following the closure of the university as a result of the threat posed by the coronavirus in March 2020, aspirants and students unsure about the future of both SRC and departmental elections.
Some departments, including the Law Students’ Union (LSU) had conducted their vettings before the closure of the school.
The Commission later came out with a statement suspending processes leading up to the organisation of the elections.
There are suggestions that the elections should be put on hold until the First Semester of the 2020/2021 academic year by which time the pandemic would have been contained.
Proponents of this position believe both elections could not be organised because of the situation in the country.
He also added that the Commission is carrying out some “underground works” on the issue.
He was not clear if the elections would come off in this Semester.
“You know we have to get a lot of things in place to know how fast we are moving,” he said, adding: “I will like to get my facts ready.”


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