Don’t Tell Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend How Much Money You Make

Photo by Joshua Mcknight from Pexels

Money is such an interesting part of society. When you tell someone how much you make, they judge you. It’s automatic. Telling someone how much you’re paid isn’t just telling them a number. It is also telling them how much your job is valued and how much you’re worth as an individual. It’s funny because if you make too little you’re judged. And if you make too much, guess what? You’re judged. So is being in a relationship enough reason to disclose your pay? Here are some reasons that you shouldn’t tell your partner how much you make.

You Might Come Across As Arrogant

Depending on how early into the relationship you are, bringing up your pay can be a turn-off. You especially don’t want to bring up how much money you make in order to try and influence a partner’s feelings about you. If you’re a woman, even if your income does come up naturally, in this part of the world you still risk being labelled as arrogant for no reason other than how much you make.


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