What Growing Up With Pete Edochie As A Father Was Like

Pete Edochie (via Iroko Tv)

Remember Pete Edochie?

That scary man who always acted as a wicked person in Nigerian movies?

Lol that man gave most of us quite the scare in several movies and that is why we remember his name till this day!

People are sharing their childhood experiences of being disciplined and Pete Edochie’s son (real son in case you are wondering ) joined in the trend and shared the story of how his father (who was definitely scaring us in his movies at that time) lashed him for saying he didn’t want to go to school anymore and wanted an electrical shop opened for him.

He is grateful for that discipline because he believes it helped shape him to become the Actor/Director/Politician he is today.


I Didn't Even Have An Account Balance When I Started" - Yul ...
Pete Edochie’s son, Yul Edochie is also a well known actor in Nigerian Movies.

But, the reactions to his tweet are crazy! Everyone is obviously thinking “PETE EDOCHIE??” and they are horrified that he dared talk to this ‘scary man from the movies’ like that.

Click the numbers below to see the SHOCKED reactions from people lol


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