UDS Students Share What Their Turnoffs About The Opposite Sex Are.

photo via pulse.com.gh
photo via pulse.com.gh

Okay, so we hear stuff day in, day out like: “he/she is not my type”, “I can’t date this guy/girl”, “this guy/girl just dey bore me” et cetera.
So we were wondering, what are some of the reasons behind such statements. We decided to ask around on what turns them off about the opposite sex and the responses we got were so fascinating, we definitely had to share. 5 points from each sex… here you go

We started with the boys boys. Funny enough, the first response we got was:

  1. Girls who lack a sense of fashion- “Girl she no know shadda de3 chale naa.” Best believe, we were as astounded as you are right now. Other guys objected and asked the guy to explain himself and he said: “A lady should know when to wear what, how to combine clothes and colours, and try her best to dress suit the occasion. It’s awkward to see a girl wearing sandals at a sporting event, at least even slides ehh 😂.”
  2. Girls with body odour – Another point we got was the problem of body odour. It was said that no matter how pretty a girl looks, if she has body odour, a nigga can’t offer her his “odo” – wow😂.
  3. Ladies who speak pidgin too much- A guy gave a point that got him a very strong backing from other guys- Ladies who speak pidgin too often! According to him, girls speaking pidgin with guys once in a while is really nice and intresting which we strongly agree to (especially when they struggle to speak- it creates a cool but funny vibe), but girls that speak it on a daily basis, everytime and everywhere they find themselves are a complete turn off. “It only proves she’s Azonto” he added. 😂
  4. Girls with bad table manners- Yeah it’s cool to watch a girl eat and all, but what’s totally not cool is having to hear a girl chew everything she eats loudly. Not to talk of a girl who picks her teeth publicly, burps too loudly, talks with food in her mouth- I mean my ladies I bet you see where this is going right?
  5. Lack of open- mindedness- Believe it or not, according to some boys having a fixed mindset is a total turn off. A lady should be open to other opinions and options as well as have some level of interests in a variety of things to keep a friendship going good. This according to guys gives them new things to talk about with girls instead of the same old boring pleasantries which will definitely end in “WTG”. “I might as well thank God myself” one guy added. Not being open to trying new things & learning new things in some cases tends to brand a girl as boring.- Our last point from the guys.

Now, let’s get down to what the ladies had to say…

  1. A guy who does not dress properly- From the looks of things dressing is a major key in both sexes huh? We’re pretty sure many ladies can’t agree more. As a guy, your dressing really says a lot about you. A guy who sags his pants, fails to tuck in his shirt when he has to, dresses casually to a formal occasion- major not, not, not.
  2. A guy that doesn’t carry himself well- This includes how he behaves around people in society, how he relates with people both publicly and privately, how much he “fools” around at occasions, etc.
  3. A guy with a “funny” accent- This definitely got us laughing. A girl could only buttress this point that for her, if you have a funny accent, she cannot even take you seriously when you’re talking to her and the situation is worsened if it’s accompanied with bad English. “Some girls won’t mind it especially if you try to make up for it with your local dialect, but for me, I’ll be totally turned off.” Homagadd!
  4. “Send me your pics”- This was a really interesting point we got from one young lady. According to her, guys that ask for pictures in the early stages of texting, especially when they are not that free, are a complete turn off! As well as a guy who talks way too much in the early stages of friendship- Guys, I hope you’re taking note😂
  5. Lack of intellect- Reserving the best for last. This point from another lady got us literally saying: word, word, word😂! A level of smartness should be seen on every guy, she explained. It shows in the way he speaks. He may dress or act weird but when he speaks, you can tell he has a good intellect. He has the right level of humour and the right level of seriousness. “So when I meet a guy and he just speaks anyhow, I know there’s a problem upstairs, it turns me off.” Ouch!😂

What other things about the opposite sex turn you off? Please let us know in the comment section.

Source: Kuulpeeps.com


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