These Are The Cheapest Home Internet Packages In Accra

Photo by Christina Morillo from Pexels

Working from home can have you going over budget on data. You might not even realize how much you’re spending on data because you buy it a little at a time. That’s bad enough. However, it’s even worse when you’re a student. If you’re unlucky enough to be taking your classes online, that’s a whole other world of internet costs. In the end, getting broadband at home begins to make more sense. These are some of the cheapest home internet packages available in Accra.

Vodafone Fixed Broadband

Vodafone’s Fixed Broadband will give you internet speeds up to 12mbs. Honestly, there are services with higher numbers, but trust me when internet is that fast, you don’t really care about the technicalities of internet speed. And now the prices. Vodafone offers the most affordable home internet in Accra. Their bundles start at GHC90 a month for 25gb. As far as pricing, this is great value for money. However, the Fixed Broadband service is not available in every part of Accra. Checking availability in your area is an easy process. Do it here.


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