Photos: Boy Beaten For Poor Grades Graduated In 2019

George Bambino Bester, Zambian boy who was seen being beaten by his dad in a viral for poor grades apparently graduated in 2019

A viral video of an angry Zambian father beating his son for performing poorly in an examination was the major talking point on Twitter for about 24 hours.

A transcript that was shared on Twitter showed that the boy, who has been identified as George Bambino Bester, failed in about 4 subjects and only had a distinctive grade in Music. The examination results got his dad furious.

According to receipts shared on Twitter, his dad paid an amount of $21,000 as tuition fees to the American International School of Lusaka, Zambia.

Well, new reports on Twitter suggest that the video is old and the boy apparently graduated in November 2019.

We went on his Instagram account to verify the claims and found some of his graduation pictures.

George Bambino Bester with a female friend

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