Make Money While You Observe Social Distancing Measures

Photo by Ekaterina Bolovtsova from Pexels

It’s an uncomfortable time that we are in. Nobody can say with any certainty when things are going to return to normal or that they even will. While you’re home, whether it’s because you’re a student or working from home, here are some ways that you can make money now.

Sell On Social Media

Right now, with a majority of people home, everyone is constantly on social media. If you are able to produce something, now is a great time to be selling online.

Whether it’s shito or food that you’re making or some form of crocheted clothes or even pieces of art, you can sell now. Now is a great time to capitalize on whatever your skill is. Just use the social media platforms available to you to advertise, and then use a delivery service to set up sales.

Also, right now is a great time to be using mobile money for payments. Transactions under GHC100 are free, even across different networks. Here are some delivery services that you can use to handle sales.

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