Gasmilla Throws Shade – Claims Azonto Was Never Dead

Gasmilla. Photo credit: Gasmilla/Instagram
Gasmilla. Photo credit: Gasmilla/Instagram

Ok, because of Sarkodie, Azonto is back on the Twitter timeline and even in the trends list.

However, the self described King of Azonto, Gasmilla has also decided to make his voice heard.

Sarkodie launched a movement to “bring back Azonto.”

The rapper said he would be giving free versus to any artiste who would be dropping an Azonto song.

Because… he wants to bring it back.

However, Gasmilla also believes that Azonto didn’t go away in the first place to even claim to be bringing it back.

In a tweet, the musician said “Azonto has never been dead, the torch has been silently blazing and growing roots.”

“Glad my brothers and sisters finally woke up to the fact that our way to the international world is Azonto cause that’s our own. Let’s go!!!, Gasmilla added.

By all means let’s make it trend again – but it never went away – Gasmilla believes.

Are y’all here for more Azonto tunes?

You know, it’s been almost a decade since the Azonto went mainstream in Ghana.



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