Eric – The Uber Driver Who Returned A Passenger’s 100 Euros

Eric, The Uber Driver

For sometime now, Uber drivers have received their fair share of vilification on social media.

Users have talked about their rudeness, the fight over the air condition, the radio… the list is endless.

However, there are other days when the story about an Uber driver is positive, uplifting and inspiring.

It is when they go beyond their self to show kindness to others.

This time, Eric the Uber driver is making his colleagues look good.

According to an incident recounted by one Kojo Bamfo on Facebook, he had ordered an Uber for his Auntie to commute from Asylum Down to Lakeside Estate.

The trip cost GHS 49.00, however, “upon reaching her destination she paid the driver the said amount in addition to her 100 Euros.”

She didn’t immediately recognize that she had given the driver the 100 Euros, so Eric too left and even reportedly purchased fuel and also unknowingly paid with the 100 Euros note.

It was the following day, Kojo said his Auntie called him to inform him about using 100 Euros note to pay for her Uber trip the day before.

According to Kojo, he called the Uber driver who then returned the 100 Euros note.

It is unclear how Eric also traced the fuel filling station to retrieve the money from the attendant.

“I never thought such good people still exist in this era. Eric to kudos,” Kojo wrote.

Good people do exist.


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