7 Songs You’d Definitely Hear At A Ga Funeral

Image of a Funeral in Ghana

Ghanaian funerals are quite special.

But Ga funerals are even more special.

Funerals are expected to be somber affairs and they usually are but… most Gas believe that it very neccessary to celebrate the life of the family member, friend or the friend of a friend’s relative who passed away.

The funerals are always so elaborate and basically a jam fest and no, we aren’t talking about the “dbee funerals”. This, according to our source (we did some research y’all!) is for the funerals in the ‘mamli’… Chorkor, Jamestown, Bukom, Labadi, Teshie…you get it now right?

The people who block roads just to have their funerals and nobody can really tell them anything!

They put the fun in funeral and these are the songs you will definitely hear them play!

Before the body is even buried, the Gas like to play soft music…the kind that sets the mourning mood but also is good enough to just enojy.

Nii Adotey Tettor’s collection is very authentically Ga and spiritual. You probably know some of the words to the songs in this mix

But when the sombre mood is over and everyone’s done crying their eyes out in sorrow, they all come together to enjoy some hot kenkey, food and drinks (very likely beer) and great music!

They are very particular about their music and no DJ knows them better than their own DJs in the ‘mamli’ with them.

This is when the Adane Best songs start, just to set the ball rolling. The very popular ones you can bet your life on that you will hear are Mama Mia and Adesa.

And then, when everyone’s eaten and the drinks have been flowing and it seems like nighttime is approaching…that’s when the real jams begin and it is never without Gasmilla (The real jams in the video starts at 0:56)

Let’s not forget the iconic instrumentals that make grown women charge to the dance floor to showoff their “Gborhe” dance moves!

And after they have exhausted these songs, the songs that make them stay true to their Ga community, they go modern and the modern music is usually the Kuami Eugene songs, the Kidi songs (Shadout to them for breaking into such an impenetrable market).

These modern songs are what they wind down to till late into the night and then, they go to bed to reset.

They probably have another funeral to be at, the next weekend.

source: kuulpeeps.com

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