10 Food Items We All Took To SHS In Ghana

Image via mealsbymavis.com

SHS was definitely one of our most memorable stages growing up, especially for those who had never slept anywhere outside their homes.

It was quite a step! Moving to a different area or region all together and having to make new friends, adapt to new ways of living, having to drop certain attitudes, working at odd hours, bathing at odd hours, eating at specific times and the likes!

SHS was one hell of a journey for some of us and we just could’t wait to finish with WASSCE and leave!

One thing we all had in common though was some of the food items in the Chop Box. Certain things like Shito and Gari were always constants cuz everyone had them.

Let’s take you down memory lane as we remind you about some of the food items we all had in SHS that made our lives much easier.

Source: kuulpeeps.coom

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